ALD Automotive Offices / invited competition

ALD Automotive is a leading force in leasing industry and decided to relocate & redesign its headquarters in Athens, Greece. 

Our competition proposal is about reinventing the way the company in Greece worked until today. Through viable design solutions, our proposal manages to meet the detailed brief in total capacity (future expansions included) while offering a space more focused on a better work-life balance. The new ways of working dictate innovative working experiences (whiteboard walls, writing glass walls, wall of impressions, etc.) that give the employees the opportunity to be more creative, cooperative and motivated. 

On the ground floor, visitors are welcomed in a modern and open lobby. The double height ceiling is exploited and highlighted by installing free standing boxes (closed manager offices & meeting) while the open space working zones are growing in highlighted zones in between them. In that way, the sunlight entering the space spreads through the whole floor creating a bright environment. In addition, break out spaces, waiting areas, freestanding phone booths etc. are spread all around in order to create a more familiar & playful environment. The central meeting room is the reference point for the employees as well as the visitors.

On the 1st floor, the concept of strict zoning continues, applied in a more executive & semi-private manner this time. The executive joint meeting rooms and the general manager’s office are placed on the facade of the building so they exploit the view and offer high quality working experience. (view, etc). As in the ground floor, the sunlight spreads through the whole floor because of the glass walls used in combination with the implemented open space pattern.

Athens Creative

Design Team
Alexandros Avlonitis, Aggeliki Anagnostopoulou, Tatiana Vasiliadou

Invited Competition Entry