Daycare Center in Piraeus / international competition

Located in a narrow plot in Piraeus, this outdated Daycare Center could not comply neither with the new building regulations, nor the contemporary educational experiences that shape the upcoming generations. By preserving the existing building, it needed a confined extension through a total reformation to meet the design standards that shape responsibly the upcoming generations. 

Through its design approach, it aims to create a playfull volume and facade coexistence while expanding the narrow ground floor yard by using the terrace level. The vegetation growing on the facade mesh, generates protection from the direct sunlight through natural elements. On the terrace, urban gardens are used to educate toddlers on healthy nutrition and the culture of urban farming.

Athens Creative

Aggeliki Anagnostopoulou, Alexandros Avlonitis, Tatiana Vasiliadou, Melina Bona

Structutal Design Consultant
Konstantinos Vazouras

Piraeus, Greece

Competition Entry