Grapes & Salt / completed

GRAPES & SALT is a Greek deli brand that prides on its tasteful selection of wines and pairings and its beautifully combined baskets and gift boxes.


When it came to establishing its physical shop, the owner chose the vibrant area of Pagrati in the center of Athens, an area that even though it is filled with concept stores and cafes, still maintains a sense of neighborhood.
The shop is located in a quiet residential street and the need for it to stand out was a key factor of the design. At the same time, its distinct brand identity and the aesthetics of the products also had to be reflected on the architectural choices. Another important element that influenced the design concept was the pre-existing mosaic floor, that turned out to be very compatible with the shop’s brand id, but had to stand out in a less conventional way.
With all the above aspects in mind, Athens Creative used a bright terracotta color to create a color – blocking effect cutting the shop in half, that extends to the floor, the ceiling and the façade.
The rest of the custom made furniture was also brightly painted using distinct colors from the brand’s id.
The shop, despite the use of such bold colors and gestures, does not overshadow the products, but in the contrary, the combination of the colorful packaging, the fresh flowers located in several spots of the shop, and the architectural elements of the shop blend together effortlessly, establishing a strong visual identity, true to the owner’s vision.

Athens Creative

Design Team
Aggeliki Anagnostopoulou, Alexandros Avlonitis, Danai Papaevangelou

Grapes & Salt

Alina Lefa