Ippokratous 3-5 / completed

Ippokratous 3-5 was an abandoned former famous shopping center of Athens. It needed a total reinstatement to its initial office building use having as a main scope its rebranding, including the regeneration of the also degraded Ippokratous Gallery.


Taking into account the building’s proximity to central landmarks of Athens (Trilogy Buildings) and especially the former National Library, the redesign of the façade became of great importance. The main aim was to make the building visible to the passer-by, to give it a new identity while being respectful to the surrounding buildings. The façade was designed as the outcome of a dialogue between the old and the new by keeping the initial grid but at the same time giving it a twist at the third dimension, and a sculpture like aesthetics. Widening the existing windows contributes to better lighting and and ventilation while at the same time re-establishes an office building character.

Concerning the regeneration of Ippokratous Gallery as well as its functional connection to the adjacent Galleries, the design focused on all dimensions (floor, ceiling and shop façade).  The aim was to transform Ippokratous Gallery from an untapped dead-end to a branded meeting point of commercial interest. The perspective was crucial for the redesign of the Gallery. The overall design of the storefronts was brought to a repetitive pattern by the aforementioned decisions as well as the signage.

The main entrance to the building was designed as the central point of the gallery: the goal and destination.  To create a sense of continuity, the ceiling of the reception was designed as an extension of the gallery’s ceiling and the floor pattern as its mirror in order to “direct” one’s movement. The combination of floor and ceiling design enhances the idea of the reception as the core of Ippokratous Gallery. The wood-facing of the reception walls, gives a sense of separation between exterior and interior, passage and stop while working as a connecting element between ceiling and floor.

Athens Creative

Design Team
Alexandros Avlonitis, Aggeliki Anagnostopoulou, Danai Papaevangelou, Giorgos Tzavaras, Eleni Kokkini

Civil Engineer
John Marneris & Associates

MEP Design

Lighting Design
IFI Architectural Lighting Works




Giorgos Sfakianakis (night & interior), Nikos Karanikolas (day)


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