Daycare Center in Porto Rafti / under construction

The owners of 'Marousaki', a daycare center in Porto Rafti-Attica, were visualizing to create a small supplementary unit and to enrich the connection of children with nature through experiential, educational processes.


The key design gesture was to locate the new building on the opposite side of the large linear peanut trees plot and enlarge the experience by creating a nonlinear connection path along which all the nature experiential activities are generated (farming plots, insect nests, an aromatic garden, a threshing floor,  a tree house, a barefoot path etc). At the end of the path, the new building is volumetrically formed so that it looks even smaller and that both workshop classes offer the feeling of being in-between nature. The materials and technical solutions used (wooden façade, rough stone paths, green roofs, recycled materials etc.) align with the environmental design approach.

Athens Creative

Aggeliki Anagnostopoulou, Alexandros Avlonitis, Giorgos Tzavaras, Kostas Karvouniaris

Structutal Design
Aristotelis Spiliotis

MEP Design

Educational Program Consultants
Athina Antypa, Marinos Paraskevopoulos (

Markopoulo, Greece

Private comission