'One Athens' Penthouse / under construction

The famous 'Doxiadis building' was first designed in the late 1950s by the C. Doxiadis to house his company's offices.

In the early 2010s it was redesigned by Divercity to turn it into 'One Athens', a novel residential complex offering luxury and comfort, delivering, at the same time, a contemporary landmark to the Athenian urban landscape.

This project is about merging the apartments of the 6th floor in one, in order to create an exceptional and luxury penthouse, combining the experience of the suburbian villa with the pulse of the Athenian city centre.


The new L shaped penthouse is functionally arranged in two linear sections:

a. the first section includes the sleeping areas and the casual living room.

b. the second section is oriented towards the Athenian cityscape and the Acropolis on the one side and a unique view of the Lycabettus hill on the other, offering a breathtaking experience of the city's setup. It arrages all the collective functions of the penthouse, along with the auxiliary spaces and the service room at one end.

Just on the junction of the two sections, the main entrance is organized with its lobby.

The big terrace with the Acropolis view, the swimming pool and the two sitting areas under their canopies is completing the penthouse’s luxury demands. 

Athens Creative

Design Team
Aggeliki Anagnostopoulou, Alexandros Avlonitis, Tatiana Vasiliadou

Athens, Greece

Under Construction