Pancreta Bank Flagship Branch / completed

Pancreta Bank started evolving towards her brand new corporate profile in 2018.

The first Flagship Branch on Syntagma square in Athens had to make a statement on their new banking approach.

The new flagship branch has to set the design & functional standards that will reflect the bank’s new era through the total of its branch network.

One of Pancreta’s main aim was to reacquire people’s faith that was lost through the Greek economic crisis. 

Our first firm belief was that the forward thinking design approach should be addressed at least ten years ahead without dragging the trite design tools often used to reflect the future. This was our moto and our inspiration during the design process.

Conceptionally we worked on two strategic axes, the alignment of the new branch with the fintech worldwide progression and the design around customer engagement. The new bank branch has to fit into the rhythm of customer’s daily lives. At the center stage we place the customer instead of the product.

Mimicking the design of retail stores, the new customer experience is fast, simple, effective and authentic. It reflects trust and security. The space is separated in three zones from public to private according to the time and intimacy needed.  The typical work & service desk is deconstructed while all services are strategically scattered all over the store. Customers are experiencing tailor made services based on their needs. Employees work as retail sellers, all over the store with portable tablets while the meeter greeter serves as reception and promotion of new products.

Athens Creative

Design Team
Alexandros Avlonitis, Aggeliki Anagnostopoulou, Tatiana Vasiliadou, Melina Bona

Lighting Design

George Niarchos

Corporate ID

Pancreta Bank

Alexandros Avlonitis