Rafina Coastal Redesign Competition / Proposal

This project is a proposal for the architectural competition concerning the redesign of the coastal zone of the harbor of Rafina, a city 25km out of Athens, Greece.

The project’s main idea lies on the re-negotiation between the current city and sea border by re-defining and re-designing the coastal zone, as a locus of connection between the two. Defining element and inspiration, is the specific site topography and the sea, as its waves leave curvy traces along the beach that appear to draw a new geographic line.

Basic design principles are:

(a) Re-designing the pedestrian zone, so that a constant visual contact with the sea is always ensured.

(b) Enriching the area with a variety of programmatic zones in order to attract multiple age groups, residents as well as visitors. The purpose of the dispersion of such diverse functions (resting areas, sports and cultural facilities, cafés and restaurants) along the coastal zone is to mix various users groups for a more vivid and dynamic, day and night, life.

Therefore, we created a promenade along the waterfront, with various zones inserted; either for resting or with a specific programmatic character. Either by upgrading pre-existing areas or by introducing new interventions, the scope is to be relevant to the spatial qualities and needs of the adjacent part of the city.

Athens Creative & Xenofontas Dialismas

Alexandros Avlonitis, Xenofontas Dialismas

Comics: Giorgos Gousis

International Competition Entry