Vermantia New HQ / proposal

Vermantia is a company that specializes in the creation, aggregation, management and delivery of Live Sports, Virtual Games, Casino Games and social games for gaming operators worldwide. Following their expansion, they needed a brand new innovative workspace that would reflect their vision.

The new HQ building is an old & abandoned two storey industrial building. The main design gesture was to generate new twisted grids/axis to install the main functions/volumes on. The new grids are interacting dynamically with the existing one creating new spacial perspectives. 

Τhe starting idea was to preserve and emerge the industrial character of the building. Exploiting the big open space and the double height, the proposal organizes all the C level offices and meeting rooms in closed free standing wooden boxes placed at the center while the rest of the offices are installed in diverse open space groups .

The new central staircase works as an amphitheater and a double height patio at the same time.

Athens Creative & Oval Studio

Project Team
Aggeliki Anagnostopoulou, Alexandros Avlonitis, Dimitris Zoupas



Building Permit