Vouliagmeni Square / completed

In 2017 the municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni under the care of its Mayor Mr. Konstantellos, decided to redesign the central square of Vouliagmeni known as Nimfon square. The main challenge of the architectural design was to generate a contemporary public space with focus to its strengthen public and environmental profile. A vivid point of reference for the whole region that places the user -no matter age- at the focal point.

The existing square was over 4 decades old and seemed not to meet sufficiently anymore the contemporary needs of the public space and the evolution of the region known as Athenian Riviera. Nimfon square was not functioning as a living space for rest, outlet and expression of the functions of public living, although it abuts with the private commercial zone. On the contrary the square was functioning simply as passage and it was not conceived as a place to visit. Its public hypostasis was losing ground to the private commercial activity. 

The architectural design was based on two design strategies, the emergence of the existing trees and the provision for an extended users’ workflow all over the living space of the square. The diversity and multitude of the existing trees functioned as dominant starting points of the design enriched with the new ones. All together were assorted in groups based on their size, shadow and position in order to generate proper heterogeneous spatial qualities of resting zones offering at the same time interaction with the trees, shadow exploitation during the day and diverse views of the sea and the square itself. In parallel, entrance points from every side of the square and free strolling all over were assured through diverse paths. The main path that crosses through the square, links the two close by commercial zones and the amphitheatrical stairs create an alternative entrance from the East that was blocked before.

The new square aims to gain an active, central role in the daily life of the residents and visitors of the neighborhood. To act as a paradigm of public space that gains the respect and appreciation of its users by its spatial qualities, the right maintenance and the harmonic function of the place. To be the living proof that the public space carves social behaviors.

Architectural Design
Athens Creative

Design Team
Alexandros Avlonitis, Giorgos Tzavaras, Tatiana Vasiliadou, Melina Bona

Architectural Supervision
Alexandros Avlonitis, Giorgos Tzavaras

Ario Construction

Construction Supervision & Management
Dimitris Protonotarios | Ario 

Mechanical Engineer
Stelios Venieris & Associates

Lighting Design
Athanassios Danilof

Greenery Design
Anetta Roussou, Petros Fevranoglou

Traffic Study
NAMA Consulting Engineers and Planners SA

Project Coordination & Consultancy
Athens Creative - Dimitris Anagnostopoulos

Implementing Entity
Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni

Yiorgis Yerolymbos